Another Day, A New Beginning

okay so the last couple of days have been INSANE!!!! I’ve been a little under the weather, and I had work and have a final yesterday and well last night we celebrated one of my friend’s bday .  Keeping a surprise is hard you’d think it’d be easy for a couple of grown ass people but i think that’s what makes it harder. and with all of that my friend is going away to med school next week.. I’m a little sad because ima miss him a lot but I’m so proud of him tooo !! It was a pretty good day yesterday, well accept for the fact that a couple of my friends are mad at each other, why ?! who frickin’ knows.  these two always get mad at each other for the littlest things and then decided not to talk to each other and then talk about it when we’re all hanging out.  Don’t you just love my friends?!  But I guess that’s how their friendship works and well at least they’re still friends right?.  and friendship is a funny sometimes, everyone has a different friendship with each person, i know i do some friends I just love to hang out with and cause trouble, others are my go to peoples and some i can do all those things with which makes it so much more exciting! I’m blessed to have a lot of wonderful people in my life they make me who i am and help to become better as person.  I may not always see it that way but  I guess in its own way its true. well then anyways we got home last night and my roomies tried to force me to watch the conguring .. YEAH I dont think so, I actually had to barricade my door so they wouldn’t drag to see it , or noone was going to sleeping for the next few days. In waiting for them to give up  I actually ended up falling asleep which I’m so thankful for because I really needed too.  And that brings us to this moment.  It’s another day, a new beginning, from what i can tell looks beautiful outside, hopefully today will be better than the rest and well here’s a little secret every night i wish for the same thing to happen and well today’s another chance for that wish to come true, let’s hope it does, Fingers crossed!


Yo homegirl =)

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